Interactive Media Analysis

Katy Perry

Although there are millions of websites out there these days, I chose to analyze one that I was actually interested in. The website I chose was the pop singer, Katy Perry’s homepage, displaying facts and pictures about her as well as information about her tours and  music career. Ever since her songs came on the radio, I immediately became in love with this singer. She is bubbly and the use of extremely bright colors in all her clothes, concerts, and videos definitely shows this. As I go to her website, the newest music video of hers immediately pops up and the viewer would have to cancel out of it to get to the normal website. This tactic hits the viewer hard in a way making the video watch the video. The word of her video will get out better this way, increasing the amount of views and even creating more fans for her. Also, the first thing you see on the video is Katy’s face made up with bright colors, so her appealing face makes you want to watch the video and see what it’s about and what song she is singing. If you look past the video and go to the homepage, there’s Katy’s name in the top left corner in big, capitalized letters. Her newest album name is, “Prism”, so the text consists of triangles. This attracts the viewer’s eye because of the text’s unique style.  There’s then the typical bar across the top of the website that reads, “Store, Twitter, Facebook” etc. With this listing of these social media sites, Katy has a bigger fan base whether if it means more subscribers or more followers. The more followers, the more recognition this singer gets, and the more likely others will hear about her. What I really like about this website is how right smack in the middle it reads, “#DARKHORSEVIDEO.” This perfectly describes society today because it uses a “hashtag”, which everyone who uses social media, especially twitter, knows about and what has become a world wide phenomenon. The “hashtag” is kind of like a new thing where you can spread ideas and thoughts, and people are able to click on these hashtags and be brought to every type of topic similar to the hashtag.

As I scroll down the homepage, there is always a big picture of Katy Perry’s face taking up the background. This helps the viewer remember who’s homepage they are on and can make them want to scroll further down to see more photos, which leads to them learning more information. The farther down the viewer scrolls, the more information there is on Katy’s tour dates and ticket availability. As far as coloring goes, there is a variety of colors used in addition to a soft light and butterflies. The soft light creates a calming mood, while the butterflies create a fun and happy mood. These aspects definitely appeal to all female and kid fans. However, beautiful shots of Katy’s face may appeal to her male fan base. These shots of Katy Perry pop out at the viewer as they scroll over the photos.

When I finally reach the bottom of the website, Katy’s album name is in big white letters. Right below the cover name the website says, “PRISM is all about letting the light in. What or who is the light in your life? Share an Instagram of what unconditional love means to you.” Here again social media is brought up. Social media is the best way to share information and this website really utilizes that. It continues to read, “Tag it #KatyUnconditionally” which brings up the hashtag idea again. Social media almost seems like it is taking over the world and is the best way for communication. It also seems useful when in need of advertising, as her song, “Unconditionally” is advertised very much. When clicking on the album name, it is not what you would expect. The viewer is brought to a whole new page filled with moving shapes exactly like a kaleidoscope, in the shape of all the continents. These moving shapes consist of more pictures of her making different faces or pictures her fans have posted of themselves. I really like this idea because it gets her more involved with her fans and they feel more appreciated. It also shows how diverse her fan base is. If there is only thing I have figured out about Katy Perry, it is that she loves to give back to her fans and show them some love no matter where they are.


4 thoughts on “Interactive Media Analysis

  1. Hi!! I looked at the website and loved it! I think the video being presented first is appealing to the viewer. The whole moving background and video also appears interactive which engages the viewer as well. Did you notice this aspect of the site? Do you think the site reflects what you know of Katy’s personality.

  2. Hello!

    I also did a musician, Marina and the Diamonds, so it’s really interesting to compare and contrast. For starters, the only real thing on the homepage was a video, just like on Katy’s website. I thought that was a really good way to help users gain exposure to the artist’s music. On Katy’s website, you note that her face constantly is looking at you. The idea of something following you wherever you scroll is really interesting. Do you think that this effect was distracting or effective? I also really like how you emphasized how social media plays into Katy’s music career because it’s a really important to figure out how they work together in today’s day and age. The use of the hashtags and the bottom portion of her webpage is a really cool way to make the website more interactive (if you want to).

  3. Hi Ali!
    I think this website is great! I really liked the design with all the pictures and videos! I think this websites is attractive to the audience due to all the bright colors and effects it has. Moreover, the moving background, as you scroll down is very entertaining as viewers can see the shifting pictures of Katy with different effects. Also, I liked how the author of this website leveraged the affordances of the interactive media as he combines videos, images, text and audio, which is appealing to the audience since it makes it more entertaining.

  4. Hey Girl,
    Do you think Katy Perry promotes her new music video well? It offers you to watch it as soon as you go on the website. Is that a good way to get people to watch it? Moreover, do the specific choices of graphics and colors give you a sense of Katy’s personality? I thought that her website was really distinctive and really really cool.

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